Cast: Giovanna Baviera, viol and voice

Photo Credit: Stefan Schweiger, 2021

Mirate gli atti- A tribute to Tarquinia Molza

It was not an exaggeration: the epithet ‘l’Unica’ was indeed true, when in 1600 the poet, intellectual and musician Tarquinia Molza was granted honorary citizenship of Rome. Apart from her extensive literary production, now mainly lost, she was famous for her abilities as a singer, viol player, and, perhaps most of all, for her unrivalled skill in accompanying her own singing on the viola da gamba.

Tarquinia Molza’s own texts form the core of the programme, with musical settings of her works by Palestrina and Ingegneri, among others, alongside madrigals by composers such as Luzzasco Luzzaschi, Giaches de Wert, Orazio Vecchi and others. Combining voices and a variety of instruments at the same time, the musicians create a programme of rich variety and scope as a tribute to this wonderfully rich and inspiring female historical figure. 

Cast: Giovanna Baviera: viol, voice, artistic direction; Alberto Allegrezza: voice, recorder, lira da braccio; Michele Vannelli: cembalo